First mapping of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem in West Sweden


Industry 4.0 is driving industrial development and in West Sweden and Gothenburg we have many production and manufacturing companies that are advanced in the area. Welcome to a webinar where we will present the first mapping of the region’s Industry 4.0 ecosystem, which among other things will illustrate where and how Industry 4.0 is being implemented.

The stage of development within the manufacturing and production industry is difficult to summarize as adaption of new technologies differs a lot between actors. In the region of West Sweden, we have many companies that are leaders in the transition to new technology and digitalization, both in terms of using the technologies but also in developing technologies or services themselves, to be used to develop the industry. Especially in times of new challenges, with a change in the view of subcontractors and high demands for flexibility and change in the wake of the crisis, it is important to take advantage of the opportunities new technologies entail.

In this webinar on Industry 4.0 from the West Sweden and Gothenburg region’s perspective, we will highlight companies and clusters in the region that have adopted industry 4.0 in different ways or helps other in their implementation. In addition to speaking generally about Industry 4.0, a recurring theme will be an inspirational image with actors in the region who successfully drive development or are good examples in one or more of the areas that make up Industry 4.0.

Presenter: Johan Hogsved, Rebl Industries
Moderator: Erik Behm, Business Region Göteborg
Chat-moderator: Joakim Hökegård, HiQ 

Welcome to register, link to Zoom will be distributed to all participants in due time.

The presentation from the Industry 4.0 mapping webinar can be found here or if you rather want to watch the recording you find it on GREAT’s YouTube channel.

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08:00 - 09:00