What's GREAT?

GREAT is a networking organisation focused on developing the IT infrastructure in West Sweden. Our mission is to work for the development of the digital society, innovation and quality of life for individuals, companies and organisations.

GREAT, originally founded in 2004, has since the start gathered many companies, municipalities, universities and telecom operators with interest in the digital infrastructure, to make sure the region around Gothenburg is connected, through a world-class infrastructure to the digital world.

With the help of broadband GREAT is set to contribute to the development of society and make our region a competitive region to work and live in. We believe in collaborating and sharing knowledge to develop people, companies and organisations in West Sweden.

GREAT is the meeting point for academia, industry and municipality for fostering competitiveness and growth through a world-class IT infrastructure enabling digitalisation.

GREAT is organising monthly events around hot topics, focusing on IT infrastructure, IoT and Health Tech.

You are welcome to join us in our mission, please email us at info@great-it.se for more information. All our seminars are open to anyone interested.