Lindholmen Software Development Day 2024

Mastering Complexity – From unicorns to evolving dragons


Despite unicorn startups, large companies with complex software products thrive. These can be IT-systems, infrastructure or cars. Although these software systems are often surpassing  comprehension – the complexity is just overwhelming – careful testing and iterative improvements ensure continued success. 

The history of software engineering is rich in attempts of solving the complexity challenge: from requirement engineering, V-models and modeling to AI driven architecture development. From the agile manifesto to frameworks for scaling agile organizations. Software complexity remains the biggest challenge. Master the complexity and succeed. 

The recent achievements in generative AI are emerging from experiments with complex language models. You literally don’t need to understand intelligence to develop artificial intelligence.

  • If the complexity of nature and society can be managed by smart products, are we approaching a new golden age of medtech, wealthtech and AI?
  • The hacker organization can easily experiment on innocent organizations or individuals – but how can we create effective defense? 
  • A company with many customers, connected products and smart data collection can conduct experiments directly on their users to quickly increase customer value. However, how do we solve the associated technology, complexity and ethical challenges?

In a time where software can be almost as complex as life, and where software can be smart enough to manage the complexity of life, Lindholmen Software Development Day is back – with inspiring speakers from the leading software companies and organizations. As usual this is a free conference for software engineers, managers and entrepreneurs where we all can learn and get inspired.

Welcome to the 19th Lindholmen Software Development Day!



08:30 - 16:30

Streamat: Nej


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