Digital regulations topics: NIS-2 & EU-AI act

GREAT welcomes you to the GoCo House in GoCo Health Innovation City for a deep dive into regulations affecting the digital transformation


The NIS2 Directive is the EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. It provides legal measures to boost the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.

EU AI Act: first regulation on artificial intelligence

These are the new regulations we all must excel in. GREAT has put together a ”smörgåsbord” with great speakers for you.


15:00 Welcome with mingle

15:20 Intro from GREAT

15:30 MAQS & HiQ – interview – what are the requirements and how does it impact us

15:45 Högskolan Halmstad – How can companies address NIS-2

16:00 Pause

16:20 AstraZeneca – The MedTech and HealthTech data angle

16:35 IBM – IT and digital – The EU AI Act – what is it, and how does it impact organisations and businesses?

16:50 Wrap up – ”The GREAT Digital Decade”

17:00 Mingle




15:00 - 17:00

GoCo Health Innovation City, Entreprenörsstråket, Mölndal, Sverige

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